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HYD-UP Boot Effect Fashion Knee-Highs with "SEX" Accessory.

This is another HYD-UP style opaque knee-highs that replace the looks of a pair of boots. HYD makes many styles of HYD-UPs ie Dark-Jeans style, Wash-Jeans style, Quatro style, Red-Checkered style, Tiger style and Beige-Coat style. Once worn on over a pair of sheer stockings, this pair of knee-highs will appear to the viewer as if you are wearing a pair of boots. The top cloud cloth sheet folds down to appear 3-D while the "SEX" accessory stands out to further enhance the 3D effect. With a pair of high-heels and a pair shorts or mini-skirts, this style will replace the appearance of a pair of boots. This is a very popular style in Europe and Asia today. For the price, you can avoid buying several pairs of boots. We suggest you give them a try to understand what we are talking about.

30 Denier Lycra 3-D Opaque Knee-Highs.

Black and White Cloud Pattern with Silver "SEX" Accessory.

Made with Fresh HYD Scent. Non-Allergenic.

Tested Free From Harmful Substances. Environmentally Friendly.

Made with 80% Nylon & 20% Spandex.
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